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    *Please note, Promotional Pieces no longer includes any branded content promoting products or services, except in the case of non-profits.

    **Original Performances only. For Original Score, see Craft categories

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    -Writing in produced content
    -Cinematography and Videography
    -Visual Effects (both CGI and Makeup)
    -Original Scoring
    -Sound Design

    Important Dates

    NOV 21st, 2016
    - Call for Entries Window Opens

    MAR 27th, 2017 5pm
    - Entry Window Closes
    - 1st Rd. of Voting Begins

    APR 17th, 2017
    - Nominees Announced via Comcast Cable 24 & Live Stream via website
    - 2nd Rd. of voting begins

    MAY 1st, 2017
    - 2nd Rd. of Voting Ends
    - Totals kept secret until formal awards ceremony

    MAY 18th, 2017 7pm
    - The 6th Annual Eclipse Awards
    - Afterglow immediately following

    frequently asked questions

    emptyrules & procedures

    Past nominees and winners of the West Michigan Eclipse Award are eligible to become voting members. Previous nominees and winners will receive official invitations to become voting members. You are required to respond by December 31st. Becoming a voting member does not disqualify you from entering your work in the current awards year. An Eclipse Award in a particular category is awarded after nominees for that category have been chosen. To reach nomination level at the first round, your work will be viewed and voted upon by past nominees and winners for each particular category and craft. This first round of voting decides the nominees for all given categories and crafts. After nominee announcement, the works participate in a second round of voting joined by judges in West Michigan, Los Angeles and Sydney, Australia. These judges in other cities are industry professionals invited by the Eclipse Board of Governors to join industry professionals in West Michigan who are past nominees and winners and together decide by the tally of votes which work receives an Eclipse Award.

    Please note that entry is not a guarantee of a nomination or a win.

    In Categories, the nomination and final award will be based on the overall excellence of the work submitted, not merely the technical excellence, but also the treatment of the content. In Categories, only the Producer(s) receive the nomination and award.

    In the crafts, the nomination and final award is based on the technical excellence achieved in the craft. For the Crafts, (Writing, Sound, Cinematography, Acting, etc.) the Artist receives the nomination and award.

    After Nominations, voting then proceeds onto the second round. It is in this second round that the nominees in each category are selected for the final award. The results of the tabulation of votes are kept secret until the night of the awards ceremony.

    There is no student category or craft consideration. Higher learning students are encouraged to compete, however.

  • Healthy and robust production communities aren't born, they're built. Every region has its share of media leaders who have contributed to the building of a healthy, thriving media and production community. They have done this by their high standards in their own crafts that inspire others. They are also the people who have given; taken the chances; gone out on a limb and pursued a dream that benefits present and future content creators around them. We stand on their shoulders. For this the production community of all disciplines comes together to single out this unique individual for recognition. The Hyperion Award is the recognition the creative community gives and is selected by the Eclipse Board of Governors based on a wide range of factors. While the Eclipse Award recognizes individual outstanding works, the Hyperion is the light behind an eclipse. Every creative mind has been inspired by someone else. That person mentors others, leads by example, encourages, fosters and in many cases throughout their career, has soldiered on despite overwhelming odds. The Hyperion Award goes to that person urging the production community on by their own example and creative energy.

    Eclipse Awards Board of Governors

    Tom Norton, Executive Director, WKTV
    Keri Lowe, Compass College of Cinematic Arts
    Deb Havens, West Michigan Film & Video Alliance
    Girbe Eefsting, Film Farm
    Kerry VanderHoff, Grand Rapids Art Museum
    Derk Baartman, Filmmaker
    Rick Hert, West Michigan Film Office

    Hyperion AwardHyperion Award

    • David Lowing
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  • emptyfrequently asked questions

    • Q. What are the important dates?

      A. November 21, 2016 - Call for Entries Window Opens (see instructions for submitting works)
      March 27th, 2017 5pm - Entry Window Closes, 1st round of voting begins
      April 17th, 2017 7pm - Nominees Announced via Comcast Cable 24 & Live Stream via website, 2nd rd. of voting begins
      May 1st, 2017 - 2nd round of voting ends, totals kept secret until formal awards ceremony
      May 15, 2017 7pm - Awards Ceremony, Afterparty immediately following
    • Q. How does the Nomination process work?

      A. To reach nomination level in the first round, past nominees and winners of the Eclipse Award view all entrants and by means of a secret on-line balloting procedure determine, by the number of their votes, which entrants will be nominated for an Eclipse Award. Entry of any work for consideration is never a guarantee of a nomination. Previous nominees and winners who are voting members are instructed to follow the principles of voting for preferred works to receive the nomination. When actual voting takes place, however, it is the voting member's sole discretion in which work to vote for.

      For Primary Categories, the Producer(s) receive the nomination.

      For the Crafts, (Writing, Sound, Cinematography, Acting, etc.) the credited Artist receives the nomination.

      The Nominations Announcement will be broadcast LIVE at 7pm on WKTV and on social media platforms on Monday, April 17th 2017.

      Once nominated, the particular work moves into the second round of voting. Different voting members will view your work in this second round along with voting members who are working industry professionals in cities across the U.S. and Europe. This second round will determine which single work from each of the categories and crafts will receive the Eclipse Award.
    • Q. Am I notified before the ceremony if I've won?

      A. No. Tallies of the votes are done by the accounting firm and held until the night of the ceremony. We don't even know until the envelope is opened. Nominees are strongly encouraged to attend the official award ceremony.
    • Q. Can I enter a work and select multiple Craft categories?

      A. Yes, but each Craft Category comes with an entry fee. Managing voting members across the country takes a considerable amount of staff time. We suggest you select the Craft category that you believe reflects the strongest element of your produced piece. Your peers doing the voting will take it from there.
    • Q. If my work makes it through the nomination process and the judges select me for an Eclipse, do I have to purchase the statue?

      A. The statue is awarded to you for your skill in content creation. Withholding an award until you buy it is in bad taste.
    • Q. What does the $35 entry fee cover?

      A. The $35 entry fee covers a portion of the processing of your submitted work and any other handling we incur. The sponsors cover everything else (Except your fancy duds worn to the award ceremony.).
    • Q. After I submit my Youtube/Vimeo URL, why do I still need to upload a full resolution file?

      A. Youtube/Vimeo playback is necessary for judges in North America and Europe as well as voting members here in West Michigan to view your work. These Youtube/Vimeo links that you provide are for judging only. The full resolution file of the submission is necessary for the production of the awards ceremony and the Eclipse Awards Film Festival which is aired every fall on WKTV after the ceremony. Your nominated or winning work highlights the Michigan content creators community and deserves the recognition.
    • Q. For uploading, what is the maximum file size?

      A. You will upload to The Eclipse Awards Dropbox site. Your maximum file size for the upload is 10 GB. If you have a file larger, you can do 1 of 2 things: 1.) Mail or drop off a thumb drive to WKTV Studios 5261 Clyde Park, Grand Rapids, MI 49509. We will return thumb drives. 2.) Download the Dropbox application to your desktop (it's free, but you need to create an account) and then upload file size is unlimited. If you're file is larger than 10 GB, we strongly encourage you to maintain full resolution of your work in order to never compromise image quality via compression. It's unfortunate, but there are too many variables. We will return thumb drives. You need not provide postage. (see below).
    • Q. Is there any risk of my work being distributed without my authorization?

      A. WKTV prides itself on the trust that film makers have in submitting their work to The Eclipse Awards. All thumb drives will be returned and files deleted after judging. If you are a nominee, however, your entry will become a part of the The Eclipse Awards Film Festival which airs on WKTV in the fall and winter as a promotion prior to the next season's awards. Your film, however will only be seen in this film festival setting on the local cable station. After the festival, you may or may not agree to allow your nominated or winning entry to continue being broadcast here. If you choose to not continue airing after the festival, it will be deleted from our system forever.
    • Q. Can I have the uploaded file returned?

      A. Unfortunately that is not possible. Files are deleted after judging (except those that are nominated). (see above) If you dropped-off or mailed a thumb or hard drive, those are returned. For return of those items, you need NOT provide postage, but please make sure your entry form is printed and enclosed with your name and address.
    • Q. For uploading, what is the codec and maximum file size?

      A. The Eclipse Awards uses Dropbox, a web site specially developed for uploading large files. The link is found on the confirmation email. We prefer to utilize .MOV files in the Pro Res 422 codec, but will accept MPEG. Your maximum file size for the upload is 10G gigabytes, unless you create a free Dropbox account, which then gives you unlimited upload.
    • Q. The award ceremony is televised live. What about broadcast rights?

      A. By submitting your work you are granting permission for the broadcast of your work for both the live award ceremony in clip form and in it's entire form on WKTV for the televised Eclipse Awards Film Festival which airs in the fall after the awards ceremony. Please alert us if you have third party copy-written material within your submission that requires additional broadcast permission from that third party.

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    Phone: (616) 261-5700
    Fax: (616) 261-5706
    E-mail:          TOM@WKTV.ORG

    Award Ceremony
    City Flats Ballroom
    83 Monroe Center St NW #200
    Grand Rapids, MI 49503
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  • emptyAnd the 2015 Eclipse Awards go to...

    Best Writing in Produced Content

    Keith Oppenheim & Vandana Pednekar–Magal - From Somewhere Else

    Best Cinematography and Videography

    Alex Bolen - Sleeping Bear Dunes

    Best Editing

    Philip Carrel - Dyrafjordur

    Best Visual Effects (CGI and Makeup)

    Jim Schaub - Make Summer Matter

    Best Original Scoring

    Overdrive Bluegrass Band - Overdrive Reunion Show

    Best Sound Design

    Michael Dollar - God is Good: Bunny DeBarge

    Best Narrative Feature Length

    Michael McCallum - Buffalo

    Best Narrative Short

    Jarrod Flood - Through The Dust

    Best Local Regional Segments and Promotional Pieces

    Brad Yarhouse - GR Film Fest Animated TV Commercial

    Best Online Programs, Segments and Promotional Pieces

    Jacob Schmiedicke - Divine Assistance

    Best Direction

    Marie Ullrich - The Alley Cat

    Best Documentary

    Thom Bell - History or Hoax

    Best Animation

    Deanna Morse, Gretchen Vinnedge, Suzanne Zack, Lynn McKeown, Maggie Annerino Animation Workshop Group

    Best Cinema Trailer

    Joe Faultersack – Love Is Blind

    Best Local TV and Cable

    Teresa Thome, Patrick Ziegler, Fred Stella – Holiday Memories of Grand Rapids

    Best Acting

    Ralph Lister – The Door

    emptyHyperion Award

    The Hyperion Award is a peer nominated award from craftspeople working throughout the West Michigan industry. The recipient of the 2015 Hyperion Award is Deanna Morse.

    Deanna Morse

  • emptyAnd the 2016 Eclipse Awards go to...

    Best Narrative Short

    shehimher, DJ Viernes, Producer

    Best Acting

    Sophie Bolen, Rodeo Girl

    Best Direction

    DJ Viernes, shehimher

    Best Cinema Trailer

    Project Liberation, Brett Deacon, Evan Hollingsworth, Producers

    Best Original Scoring

    Theo Ndawillie II, shehimher

    Best Animation

    Brett Deacon, Evan Hollingsworth, Project Liberation

    Best Local & Regional Segment Under 20 Minutes

    Meet Maren, Mallory Patterson, Randy Strobl, Producers

    Best On-line Programs, Segments, Promotional Pieces

    Lucky Jay, Brian Gotberg, Harper Philbin, Producers

    Best Editing

    Kyle Misak, The Million Dollar Nickel

    Best Documentary

    My Personal Pink Time, Josh Reed, Producer

    Best Music Video

    Brian's Song, Tyler Wiewiora, Producer

    Best Cinematography

    Steve Steketee, Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park: A Grand Rapids Treasure

    Best Writing

    Kyle Misak, Jesse Charles, The Million Dollar Nickel

    Best Local TV - 30 Minute Spot

    Cooking With Angus: Mozzarella, Noah DeSmit, Producer

    emptyHyperion Award

    Dave Lowing with the 2016 Hyperion Award

    Dave Lowing

  • empty2016 Voters

    (just a few of the voting judges involved)

      Phil Sgriccia

      Phil Sgriccia
    • Philip Sgriccia is a producer and director, known for Supernatural (2005), Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993) and Revolution (2012).

    • Nikki Martin

      Nikki Martin
    • Nikki Martin started writing Reel Girl Reviews seven years ago. She has a passion for critically dissecting not only the most popular movies and television series of our day, but also cult and independent works. Before that, she wrote movie reviews for the Monroe Evening News. Graduating with a B.A in Film and Video with an emphasis on cinema study from Grand Valley State University in Allendale MI, she moved to the west coast to further expand her experiences. Since then her video essay "The Male Gaze Wide Shut" has been published on The Seventh Art online journal. She currently resides in Bellevue, Washington where legends say she still haunts travelers to this day.

    • Ray Belcher

      Ray Belcher
    • For the last year, Ray has been working on assignment in Italy For FYE Pty Ltd. and Cloudburst Foundation at EXPO Milan 2015 producing large music events for Global Sustainability. Plus in South East Asia for UBM producing the World Capital Markets Symposium in Kuala Lumpur and Asia First TV, developing, a new unique interactive television platform. Recipient of no less than 17 international awards, Ray has executive produced, produced and directed major productions for networks in Australia (Ten Network & Television House), United Kingdom (Global Vision Network & BBC) and USA (Fox, ABC, NBC, and A&E). After moving to the USA from Australia in 1989 to run a film, video, and music production company in Los Angeles (Visions International), Ray has traveled over 46 times around the globe managing productions in over 83 countries. Ray has managed production houses in London, Boston/New York, Florida, Los Angeles, Asia, New Delhi, Milan and Barcelona.

    • Rick Johnson

      Rick Johnson
    • A filmmaker turned broadcaster turned webcaster, Rick Johnson's career spans several media as a cinematographer, editor, director, national producer and VP of Production along the way. His primary interest is in documentary and non-fiction programs, public affairs programming, and films. He has produced syndicated programming for Group W Television, Discovery Channel, Sci-Fi Channel, Travel Channel, and Hallmark, serving as national producer for Group W Television's Evening Magazine and PM Magazine syndicated series. His producing and directing credits include prime time specials which have won two Emmies, plus Telly, Aurora, CINE Golden Eagle, and New York Festivals Awards. He has been a leader in the development of online institutional streaming on both coasts, winning a Webby award for Best Spiritual site. Johnson continues working in online media on the West Coast as an independent producer and director. His public service includes a term on the Board of Governors of the regional chapter of the National Television Academy, which presents the Emmy awards.

    emptyVoting Members

    • By becoming a voting member, you bring your expertise and your experience to bear on a selection of works that, based on your decisions, will achieve "excellence in craft" and merit an Eclipse Award.

      If you are a past nominee or a recipient of The Eclipse Award you are now eligible to vote in the 2017 Awards. Only past nominees or recipients are eligible. Producers, Directors of Photography, Writers, Directors, Cinematographers, Actors, Make-up Artists, and Visual Effects Creators from an extremely diverse group of creative people are hoping you'll accept this invitation to participate. We respectfully ask that you would be generous with a little of your time and participate starting in March of 2017. All of the viewing and scoring is done entirely on-line to allow for maximum convenience. We think you'll find the entries entertaining, informative, and compelling in each content creator's approach to their craft of storytelling. Please accept our invitation to be a judge for the 6th Annual Eclipse Awards and help us continue to build the community of content creators! We look forward to your response!

    • As a past nominee or recipient of The Eclipse Award you are eligible to become a Voting Member in the 2017 Eclipse Awards.

      You are requested to become a Voting Member in the field your experience makes you the most qualified for. Voting Members are ineligible to judge in the same category or craft that they are submitting for this current year. Voting Members of the 2017 Eclipse Awards are still eligible, though, to enter in this year's awards. Submissions are eligible for all works created by Michigan based content creators. Once you become a Voting Member, you are responsible to maintain your status as a content creator. This maintains your eligibility as a Voting Member. Voting Members are also eligible, by invitation, to join the Eclipse Awards Board of Governors which governs the procedures, judging and production of the award ceremony.

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