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2017 Eclipse Awards Nominees


Cinema Trailer

Migration – David Huizingh, Producer

Documentary (feature length)

Stuck In Traffic, Modern-Day Slavery In Michigan - Rich Jackson, Lisa Zahodne, Producers
New Heights: Restoring A City - Eric Schrotenboer, Taz Painter, Producers
From Flint: Voices of a Poisoned City - Liv Larsen, Producer

Documentary (less than 20 minutes)

Renardo – Nathan Roels, Producer
The Things Left Behind – Jacob Schmiedicke, Producer
Healing with Horses – Amber Elliott, Jeffrey Morgan, Producers
The Legend Among Us – Aaron Harris, Producer
A Welcoming Space: The Story of Room for All – Dennis Nagelkirk, Marilyn Paarlberg, Producers

Local & Regional Segments & Promotional Pieces (under 20 minutes)

WMFVA Sound Designer – Thom Bell, Producer
Gabe – David MacKenzie, Jilaine Snoeyink, Producers

Local TV & Cable (30 minute time slot)

Modern Ahabs – Ben Wilke, Jason Ley, Producers
OnPoint Tutorials, Tips & Tours - Ep. 203: Borders, Borders, Borders – Thomas Hegewald, Producer

Music Video Original Performance

Silhouettes Against the Soil by Blarney Castle – Tyler Thorne, Producer
Inquiring Minds – Kevin Kammeraad, Producer
Private Slum – Zachary Clark, Andy Westra, Producers
Lament of the Coal Miner's Wife – Jacob Schmiedicke, Producer
We Are All Alone In This Together – Michael McCallum, William C. McCallum, Producers
Andrew Gulledge "Cold" Live Acoustic Music Video – Corwin Tobias, Claire LeRoy, Andrew
Gulledge, Ramie Cronkhite, Producers

Narrative Feature

Who Will Move the Stone – Heather Fairbanks, Rhodes Short, Producers
Needlestick – Steven Karageanes, Producer
Another Brick in the Wall – Kyle Misak, Francois Moyet, Eric Jones, Producers

Narrative Short

Faceless - Johnathan Hart, Producer
The Lens - Brian Gotberg, Producer
Chocolate and Cigarettes - David Tappan, Sean Jackson, Alex Rosenau, Producers
Shadows - Geoffrey Young Haney, Joseph Scott Anthony, Dustin Wilfert, Producers
Mordecai – Lauren Bailey, Andrew Palladino, Producers
Confidence of a Tall Man – Michael McCallum, William C. McCallum, Patric J. Arnold, Producers
Raindrops - Jeremy Hagedorn, Producer
Crazy Carl - Kyle Misak, Don Chase, Producers
Doorways - Talon Rudel, Coleson Anderson, Producers

On-line programs, Segments or Promotional Pieces

Lucky Jay 2 - Brian Gotberg, Harper Philbin, Producers
Baxter Community Center - Ben Wilke, Producer
Saugatuck Center for the Arts Theatre Promo - Angela Peavey, Producer
Grand Rapids Glossary - Brian Kelly, Producer
From the Eyes of Those We Serve - Jerry Brown, Curtis Cunningham, Producers


Acting in a Lead Role

Morlan Higgins - Lucky Jay 2
Sheri Beth Dusek - Two Guns and a Body Bag
Michael McCallum - Chocolate and Cigarettes
Jesse Charles - Another Brick in the Wall
Troy Randall-Kilpatrick - Beggar's Remorse
Johnny DeMarco - Confidence of a Tall Man
Jesse Charles - Crazy Carl
Matthew Dennis - The Rotation
Sineh Wurie - Eskimo Brothers

Acting in a Supporting Role

Ken D. Orlich - Confidence of a Tall Man
Laura Walczak – Wake


Justus Wise - Beer Month GR 2017
Eric Sebert - Space Scavenger

Cinematography and Videography

Ben Wilke - Baxter Community Center
Pat Dowdle - Chocolate and Cigarettes
Bryan Greenberg – Needlestick
Zachary Clark - Private Slum
Rutch Johnson – Mordecai
Scott Allman - Confidence of a Tall Man
Chris McAlister - Another Brick in the Wall
Reid Petro - Crazy Carl

Direction (Documentary or Promo Piece)

Ben Wilke - Modern Ahabs
Rich Jackson - Stuck In Traffic, Modern-Day Slavery In Michigan

Direction (Feature or Short)

Harper Philbin - Lucky Jay 2
Rich Brauer - The Lens
David Tappan - Chocolate and Cigarettes
Kyle Misak - Another Brick in the Wall
Matthew Collazo - Closing Time
Andrew Palladino - Mordecai
Andrew Behm - Hold On
Kyle Misak - Crazy Carl
Talon Rudel – Doorways

Editing (Feature or Short)

Cameron Lewis - Mordecai
Kyle Misak - Another Brick in the Wall
Kyle Misak - Crazy Carl
Garrett Bleshenski – Doorways

Editing (Documentary or Promo Piece)

Ben Wilke - Baxter Community Center
Rich Jackson - Stuck In Traffic, Modern-Day Slavery In Michigan
Jacob Schmiedicke - The Things Left Behind

Original Scoring

Dan Rickabus - The Lens
Eric Schrotenboer - A Clash of Kingdoms
Michael Smalley - Confidence of a Tall Man
Gregory De Iulio - Another Brick in the Wall
Gregory De Iulio - Crazy Carl
Todd Lewis - The Rotation

Sound Design

Ben Wilke - Modern Ahabs
Joseph McCargar - The Lens
Gregory Greiner - Mordecai
Joseph McCargar - Confidence of a Tall Man
Todd Lewis - The Rotation

Writing in Produced Content (Feature or Short)

Harper Philbin & John Dufresne - Lucky Jay 2
Kyle Misak - Another Brick in the Wall
Andrew Palladino - Mordecai
Kyle Misak - Crazy Carl
Justin Muschong - Confidence of a Tall Man

Writing in Produced Content (Documentary or Promo Piece)

Jason Ley - Modern Ahabs

The annual Eclipse Awards are made possible by WKTV Digital Cinema, the West Michigan Film Office, the West Michigan Film Video Alliance, Ferris State University, Compass College of Cinematic Arts, and Fairway Film Alliance. The Eclipse Awards seek to elevate content creators throughout the region by honoring their works through local, regional, national and international voting on entered works in film, television and on-line production. The Eclipse Award is given for story telling and production excellence in the production community.

How To Enter

Crafts & Primary Categories

After Nominations, voting then proceeds onto the second round. It is in this second round that the nominees in each category are selected for the final award.


Enter Work

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The entry window opens on November 21st, 2016 and closes on March 27th, 2017.


Terms & Conditions

Submission of Content

The following terms and conditions govern the submission of content to WKTV for consideration for the Eclipse Awards.


Distributor Fairway Film Alliance/ Rogue Arts Offer First Look

Fairway Film Alliance

Los Angeles distributor FairwayFilm Alliance, through their Rogue Arts label, is offering a first look to the 6th Annual Eclipse Award winners in the feature film and documentary category. Following the night of the awards ceremony, when the winners are known, the connection between Fairway Film Alliance and the winner(s) in these categories will be set up!

Visit Their Website

Important Dates

Call For Entries

The window opens for receiving entries to the 6th Annual Eclipse Awards.

Entry Window Closes

At 5pm entries will no longer be accepted into the 6th Annual Eclipse Awards. The first round of voting begins.


2nd Round of Voting Ends

Voting on the 6th Annual Eclipse Awards comes to an end. The results are kept secret until the Award Ceremony.

The Eclipse Lounge Nominees Gathering

If you are nominated, please attend the Eclipse Lounge Nominee Gathering on Monday, May 15th.

Awards Ceremony

The Awards Ceremony commences beginning at 7pm. The Afterglow party immediately follows the show.


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