2015 Hyperion Award

Hyperion Award

Every region has its share of media leaders who have contributed to the building of a healthy, thriving media and production community. They have done this by maintaining high standards in their craft and inspiring others to do the same. They are the people who have given and taken chances, gone out on a limb, and pursued a dream that benefits present and future content creators. We stand on their shoulders. For this, the production community of all disciplines comes together to recognize one unique individual. The Hyperion Award recipient is nominated by the creative community and selected by the Eclipse Board of Governors based on a wide range of factors. While the Eclipse Award recognizes outstanding individual works, the Hyperion is the light behind an eclipse. Every creative mind has been inspired by someone else. That person mentors others, leads by example, encourages, and in many cases throughout their career, has soldiered on despite overwhelming odds. The Hyperion Award honors that person urging on the production community by their own example and creative energy.

Healthy and robust production communities aren't born, they're built.