Voting Members Policies & Procedures


Past year's nominees and recipients earn the right to become voting members in the following year's awards. All voting members still retain their eligibility to enter the current year's awards. Entrants who also participate as voting members are not eligible to vote in the same category they have entered a work in.

Voting in Round One and Two of the 2017 Eclipse Awards is restricted to the category you are most qualified for. This is governed by the category you were previously nominated in. All previous nominees and recipients will receive formal invitations to become voting members.

Maintaining Voting Member Status

Eligibility is maintained by staying active as a content creator. Location of content creation is not a determining factor in eligibility.

Voting Members are also eligible, by invitation, to join the Eclipse Awards Board of Governors which governs the procedures, judging and production of the award ceremony.


Viewing entered works for the purposes of voting is only done only via an online, private and password protected platform. Voting members receive instructions on how to access that platform just prior to voting.

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